Rainy day in Auckland

I spent a day in Auckland since i have a transition there between my flights from Queenstown and to Melbourne.

Sadly it was mostly a rainy day. But I still got to see some nice things and I bought myself some noise-canceling headphones. Because of all the flights and well, because they’re awesome. 😀img_1628Fire was coming out of the top of the stone just one second before i took the photo i swear!img_1630img_1632 17.04.16

Long Trip to Queenstown

Just a little Update on what I did that day, since a made a post for every day the recent week I thought this day also had the right to a post.

And although it was fun, the only two things I did that I want to share are that I was in the water with dolphins at, the realizingly cold, Curio Bay

  and that I jumped from the bridge that you see in the picture below. With it’s 15 meters it was an awesome feeling and im really happy I did it Altough I was very scared at first.IMG_1604.JPG

I had a very fun evening in Queenstown after that, celebrating the trip we had.



We got up early in the morning to see the sunrise at Nugget Point, which was really amazing as you can see below. 🙂

A blowhole, but sadly the wind wasn’t strong enough.

The best, and most beautiful Coffee I had in New Zealand at the Lost Gypsy a really fun store.

Some Waterfalls 🙂

And the cathedral cave 🙂  img_1591
Slope Point, the southernmost point of the South Island.



Dunedin is one of the rare city’s in New Zealand that has something you could call architecture. 😀 I really liked seeing something like old buildings again and the Scottish style this city has is nice. Dunedin also is a city with very big height differences so drinking in it is really confusing, but the upside to this is that I could visit the steepest street in the world, according to the Guinness Book of world Records that is.img_1394img_1407img_1404img_1402img_1414img_1415img_1422img_1428


Road to Dunedin

After Mt. Cook we made our way to Dunedin and visited the elephant Rocks and the Moeraki Boulders on the way 🙂

The pelennor fields, were most of the Lord of the Rings fight scenes were shot, weren’t that impressive.

The Elephant Rocks:


Moeraki Boulders:


And here is proof that sheep are cute but dumb: 😀

Mount Cook

Mount Cook is a stunningly beautiful mountain and the highest in New Zealand. The Road to Mount Cook from Tekapo already offers amazing views but it get’s even better in the village and especially if you do one of the hikes to a view point. I was so unbelievably happy to see some snow again 😀 and the glaciers surrounding it were also very nice to look at, although glaciers are always a little bit sad to look at because you can see where they’re supposed to be and were they are because of the climate change.

Still it was an amazing day, I took some amazing pictures and I hope you can enjoy them. 🙂




After Edoras I visited Tekapo, famous for it’s beautiful night sky.  IMG_1280.JPGIMG_1281.JPGIMG_1282.JPGIMG_1287.JPGIMG_1289.JPGIMG_1292.JPGIMG_1295.JPGIMG_1300.JPGIMG_1302.JPGIMG_1304.JPGIMG_1308.JPG

In the night I had one of the most magnificent night-skys I’ve ever seen. But sadly it was also the coldest night ever during which I slept in a tent. I was totally not equipped for frost. That was an experience I’m not planning to repeat. I never realized how much I love the comfort and luxury of my home before.

Luckily the morning after that was still nice.IMG_1311.JPGIMG_1314.JPGIMG_1315.JPG