Huka Falls

So what can i tell you about the Huka Falls?

They are a nice place a little bit outside of Taupo (walked there for maybe an hour) and they are part of the Waikato River, which the track to them mostly follows, on the way you’ll also discover some free Hot Springs, which is really cool and being in them is very relaxing :). Sadly i forgot to take a photo of them :(. I went there on Tuesday :).

This is at the Spa Thermal Park, which lays in front of the track to the Huka Falls.  The River is very clear and the blue, sometimes green color looks great. (Also a Duck :D)   The Track leads you up and down quite a bit so here is a panorama photo from a high point.
  The colors are just great.  Here you can finally see how fast the river is going, there is no swimming through.
  And finally the Huka Falls, which are not really a waterfall, but its still impressive.
  From a little bit up the hill 😀

A edited photo of me sitting at a high point, i found an unofficial path, which was really cool and gave me great views.  And another one, this time with Shirley (YAAAAAY :D) a little bit down the way.
  And a panorama pic i took at the point the little fun path ended, sadly only a, i don’t know what, field :/.  A picture i took on my way back to the hostel from a nice lookout.
  And i walked down a way from the lookout and found myself near the river, this is on the outside of Taupo again.

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