Southern Walkway :)

So like the title suggests, I walk the southern Walkway, which was a cool thing, because at some points the view was gorgeous 🙂

 Altough it was a little bit confusing finding your way, because it’s a difficult finding out what the right way is when you can walk the walkway in two directions and to multiple locations, but I found my way to island bay. 🙂

Island bay is I have to admit nothing cool at all, it’s just a very Little sand beach and the Wellington wind blows all the sand in you’re face, :/ so I didn’t stay there for long.

When I was back I discovered that my new room mates are cool, I changed room today, and had a niche talk with them. A funny thing is, that today I got told I do not look German, but in my last room I got told I clearly look German, which confuses me a little bit.

Have fun with the pictures (no Shirley today because she has muscle stiffness from all the walking)

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