After I left Punakaki I had long Bus and Ferry Rides as I made my way from Punakaki to Nelson on the 23th, from there to Wellington on the 24th and back to Nelson on the 26th.

I went to Wellington because I could help out at the Goethe Institute on a Workshop for some German Teachers in New Zealand.

Back in Nelson I searched for I job and although that search was not a success I still had a great time there, especially in the Abel Tasman National Park, but I will write an extra article for that day,  and I manged to work for food and accommodation here and there, but after some time I had enough of Nelson and traveled on to Picton, where I stayed for a week planning my trip and booking the flights back after that a had a beautiful week in the Marlborough Sounds helping out a very nice family there. Back in Picton I still wasn’t sure how I would continue my travels, but luckily a friend i med here texted me and asked if I would like to join him on a road trip around in the southern Parts of the south Island. I thought that this is a great idea so I started my way south to Christchurch, where our trip will start tomorrow.

Here are some impressions from the (too long) time since my last blog. Enjoy

(also my first video Yaaaaaaaay :D)


Weta Cave

What is the Weta Cave? Well Weta is a Company that produces props, masks, sets, miniatures, special effects and many more for movies!

So visiting them was very exiting! Sadly you only were allowed to make photos in the Shop and in Front of that, but not in the workshop itself, because of licening deals with their clinents :/

So enjoy the pictures I could make 😀


Southern Walkway :)

So like the title suggests, I walk the southern Walkway, which was a cool thing, because at some points the view was gorgeous 🙂

 Altough it was a little bit confusing finding your way, because it’s a difficult finding out what the right way is when you can walk the walkway in two directions and to multiple locations, but I found my way to island bay. 🙂

Island bay is I have to admit nothing cool at all, it’s just a very Little sand beach and the Wellington wind blows all the sand in you’re face, :/ so I didn’t stay there for long.

When I was back I discovered that my new room mates are cool, I changed room today, and had a niche talk with them. A funny thing is, that today I got told I do not look German, but in my last room I got told I clearly look German, which confuses me a little bit.

Have fun with the pictures (no Shirley today because she has muscle stiffness from all the walking)

Chilly Day

So yeah today the wheat her was just beautiful and I was to lazy to go hiking today, also my blisters told me so, that resulted in me chilling at the water and reading most of the time. 🙂 Not much more to say, so you get this picture of Shirley 🙂
Chilly Day

Heute war das Wetter super und ich zu faul zum wandern, außerdem wollten meine Blasen das auch nicht, was dazu geführt hat das ich die meiste Zeit am Wasser gesessen und gelesen hab 🙂 Mehr gibt’s nicht zu sagen, also viel Spaß mit dem Bild von Shirley 🙂

Mount Victoria

Today I visited mount Victoria and the National Park around it, it’s an okay place, but, except from the view from the top, nothing special, exactly that what you would expect from a city park.

After that I went to the cinema and watched Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2, maybe I will try and write a review for that, but I’m not sure about that yet.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂


Mount Victoria

Heute besuchte ich Mount Victoria und den Nationalpark drumherum, der ist, mit Ausnahme von der Aussicht von der Spitze, nichts Besonderes, genau das, was man von einem Stadtpark erwartet.
Danach ging ich ins Kino und hab mir Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2 abgeschaut, vielleicht werde ich versuchen ein Review dazu zu schreien, aber ich mit mir noch nicht sicher.

Viel Spaß mit den Bildern 🙂

Stormy Day

So Yesterday was a bad weather day, I just visited some stores, read a lot and stayed at the free wifi zones for quite some time…Most of the day I spent with the person I spent the last two days with 🙂

The evening was really cool with nice self made food, nice talks and you have an awesome view from the top of the hostel 🙂


Stürmischer Tag

Heute war ein schlecht Wetter Tag, also verbrachte ich die meiste Zeit in Läden, hab sehr viel gelesen und viel Zeit in den Free WiFi Zones verbraucht…

Den Großteil der Zeit war ich mit Nelly unterwegs, derjenigen mit der ich auch die letzen beiden Tage wandern war 😊, morgen fährt sie aber weiter zur Südinsel.

Der Abend war wirklich cool mit gutem selbst gemachten essen, schönen Gesprächen und einer tollen Aussicht vom Hostel Dach. 🙂


So today o went hiking again, with the same person like yesterday and we made our way throug the town belt, because everybody can take the suttle, right? It certainly wasn’t the shortest way, but definitely a beautiful one with lost of great Viewpoints down at Wellington.

Zealandia is a place where they try to establish a region where Natural unsetteled New Zealnand is rebuild, they try to achieve that with a fence…

But there arme many birds that See near extinction in Breaking Colonys so it seems to work okay, Zealndia is a possum and rat free Zone, which already is a big deal, driving over possums is like one of the national Sports.

So the Sound of Zelandia with all the birds ist just Wonderfull, so Here arme some Impressions 🙂


(Deutsche Version kommt wieder morgen 🙂 )

I’m not creative enough to imagine a title…

The day started not that good, with rainy weather and me panicking if I really have all my stuff, because I moved to a bunk style room today.

Because of the bad weather conditions I spent half of the day in te Papa looking at the exhibition I hadn’t seen until now.

  This time it was their great WW1 Exhibition.

My day got better after I moved to the bunk-styled room and met someone I was going hiking with (this is a terrible sentence, I know, may my English teachers look in disgust at me).

The trip, featuring the botanic garden another part of the town belt was really great and the spontaneous way finding worked extremely well, furthermore having someone to talk to while hiking is a great thing. So here are the impressions of it:

Ich bin nicht kreativ genug um mir einen Titel auszudenken…

Der Tag fing nicht so gut an, mit schlechtem Wetter und damit das ich panisch umherlief und mich gefragt hab ob ich all mein Zeig habe, denn ich bin heute in einen Mehrbettraum umgezogen.

Wegen dem schlechtem Wetter hab’s ich den halben Tag in te Papa verbraucht und mir den Teil angeguckt den ich bis jetzt noch nicht angeschaut hatte, die 1ste Weltkrieg Ausstellung ist wirklich großartig.

Mein Tag wurde besser nachdem ich ins Mehrbettzimmer gezogen bin und dort jemanden gefunden hab, mit dem ich wandern gehen kann.

Unser Ausflug fing im Botanischen Garten an und ging weiter durch einen anderen Teil des Town Belt, dass spontane Wegfinden hat überraschend gut funktioniert :), oben habt ihr ja schon die Bilder gesehen.

Hiking! Finally!

Today I finally found the time to go hiking! I went to the great Belmont National Park, the weather was great, I spent a long time reading there and exploring and the nature is just beautiful, so enjoy the pictures 🙂
Wandern, endlich!

Heute hab ich endlich Zeit zum wandern gefunden! Ich bin in den großartigen Belmont National Park, das Wetter war großartig, ich hatte großen Spaß die wunderschöne Natur zu entdecken und mich hinzusetzen und zu lesen. Habt Spaß mit den Bildern 🙂

Botanic Gardens

Visiting the botanic Gardens was the main event of today, it is a really cool place with plants that don’t grow naturally anymore or are near to extinction and the viel down at Wellington is fantastic.

That Wellington has so many parks and gardens, a town belt, is that the city was smartly planned right from the beginning and so fast like became the trade capital and after they the real capital.

Besides the visit at the botanic garden, where I stayed quite long, because it’s a beatiful place and also perfect to simply read a little bit, I discoverd that Wellington Downtown has a crazy amount of Subways (the food chain) and I found more proof that the pedestrian traffic lights are short as hell,especially compered to the car traffic lights, what results in the behavior that every body presses the signal button, gets to lazy to wait the time and crosses the  street.

Here are my Pictures 🙂

IMG_0005 IMG_0007



Botanischer Garten

Heute habe ich den botanischen Garten besucht,das ist ein wirklich cooler Ort, mit Pflanzrn die kaum noch existieren oder schon fast komplett ausgestorben sind und der bilck runter nach Wellington isr umwerfend.

Das Wellington so viel Parks und Gärten hat liegt daran, das es von Anfang an schlau geplant wurde und somit erst zur Handels- und dann zur richtigen Hauptstadt wurde.

Abgesehen von meinen Besuch beim Botanischen Garten, welcher lang war, da es auch ein schöner Platz zum lesen ist, habe ich herausgefunden das Wellington eine verrückte Anzahl von Subways hat und das die Ampel für Fußgänger super kurz geschaltet sind was darin endet das jeder wenn er zur Ampel kommt zwar sofort den Knopf drückt, aber trotzdem dann trüber Ghehr wenn es ihm passt.

Oben Findet Ihr die Bilder 🙂