After Edoras I visited Tekapo, famous for it’s beautiful night sky.  IMG_1280.JPGIMG_1281.JPGIMG_1282.JPGIMG_1287.JPGIMG_1289.JPGIMG_1292.JPGIMG_1295.JPGIMG_1300.JPGIMG_1302.JPGIMG_1304.JPGIMG_1308.JPG

In the night I had one of the most magnificent night-skys I’ve ever seen. But sadly it was also the coldest night ever during which I slept in a tent. I was totally not equipped for frost. That was an experience I’m not planning to repeat. I never realized how much I love the comfort and luxury of my home before.

Luckily the morning after that was still nice.IMG_1311.JPGIMG_1314.JPGIMG_1315.JPG


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