Whitianga is easily one of my favorite places in New Zealand so far, I can’t really frame it, but from the beginning I there was something special about this place and that not only was the beatiful nature or something like that, I felt something like a feeling of belonging there, and so I stayed there quite long from the 19th till the 27th and I may even return. Staying there over Christmas was very nice, I came to know a few people in my time there and in the TV Room/Kitchen was always someone you could talk too.

Surfing with Kajaks was great Surfing on Christmas, I mean the 25th, the 24th sadly had the worst weather since I come to NewZealand, was amazing, cathedral Cove was beatiful (the filmed the beginning of the second Narnia there) was great and my walk to cooks beach also was cool. So generally I had a great time there, but had to figure some things out for myself (more on that in another post).

So I hope you had a great Christmas and I whish you a great now Year.





2 thoughts on “Whitianga

  1. Hallo Paul, Danke, für die tollen Bilder. Cathedral Cove und die Umgebung war auch eine meiner Lieblingsstellen in NZ. Warst Du auch noch beim Hot Water Beach? Vielen Dank für Deine Karte. Wir haben uns echt riesig gefreut darüber. Und ja, die Natur ist unglaublich schön und wir hoffen auch ,das irgendwann einmal wieder erleben zu können. Ganz liebe Grüsse, Britta Von meinem iPad gesendet


    1. Jap Hot Water Beach war ich auch, gibt davon aber leider keine Bilder :/ Das mit den Bildern und der Postkarte mach ich doch gerne 🙂 Und das klappt bestimmt 🙂
      Viele liebe Grüße

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