West Coast

When i finally got out of Queenstown I continued my journey to the West Coast. There I visited Wanaka, Fox and Franz Josef Glacier and Punakaki.

Wanaka really is a nice town and in some way the nicer and friendlier version of Queenstown, but sadly its also alway booked out so i could only spend one day there.


As the West Coast is a low temperature rain Forrest, it rained. A lot. IMG_0835.JPGIMG_0837.JPGIMG_0845.JPGIMG_0847.JPGIMG_0850.JPGIMG_0857.JPGIMG_0859.JPGIMG_0862.JPGIMG_0865.JPGIMG_0869.JPGAnd in the village Fox Glacier 🙂

IMG_0879.JPGIMG_0880.JPGIMG_0882.JPGIn the evening I went on a glowworm track which really was amazing, I saw a lot of them, but taking pictures did’t work as I have no camera that is capable of that.

The next day this this bridge sadly was closed as I tried to make my way to the Glacier without getting totally wet (Spoiler: I got totally wed…)

IMG_0885.JPGAnd sadly from the Car Park the way was closed because it was overflowed ;(

IMG_0886.JPGBack there you see a little bit of a Glacier.

IMG_0887.JPGIMG_0888.JPGIMG_0890.JPGIMG_0891.JPGSince I spend a nice evening in a bar with someone I med there it was a good and fun day after all (we also tried to get to the glacier together). IMG_0900.JPGThe next day I decided not to go to the glacier and go to the circus instead, it was a really funny and young cast and going to a circus after many years and then to New Zealand it was really a funny experience.

After that my journey continued to Franz Josef.IMG_0903.JPGAnd this time there was no rain and I started my way to the Glacier.

IMG_0904.JPGIMG_0905.JPGIMG_0909.JPGIMG_0915.JPGIMG_0916.JPGIMG_0918.JPGIMG_0920.JPGThis time it actually was possible to see the glacier.

IMG_0925.JPGAnd the Landscape along the way was beautiful too.

IMG_0927.JPGIMG_0929.JPGIMG_0933.JPGAnd at the Glacier.

IMG_0937.JPGIMG_0261.JPGIMG_0269.JPGThe view to the other side 😀

IMG_0266.JPGAnd Shirley went there with me 🙂

IMG_0945.JPGThe views on the way back also were fantastic 🙂

IMG_0949.JPGIMG_0952.JPGTook an extra way to a view point.

IMG_0955.JPGIMG_0956.JPGIMG_0957.JPGIMG_0958.JPGThe next day I left in the direction of Punakaki, there i stayed in one of the best Hostels I’ve ever been to, had a beautiful view of the sunset and a nice hike the next day before I left, naturally I visited the Pancake Rocks :).

IMG_0991.JPGIMG_0992.JPGIMG_0994.JPGIMG_0995.JPGIMG_0996.JPGIMG_0997.JPGIMG_1001.JPGIMG_1004.JPGIMG_1007.JPGIMG_1009.JPGIMG_1011.JPGIMG_1018.JPGIMG_1025.JPGIMG_1026.JPGIMG_1028.JPGIMG_1029.JPGIMG_1032.JPGIMG_1034.JPGAnd the Pancake Rocks 🙂


And that was my trip around the West Coast.